Adeiny Hechavarria Could Jam Revolving Door at Short

Since the days of Tony Fernandez, shortstop has been a revolving door in the Blue Jays organization.  However, it seems that the door could jam open very shortly.  The Jays are close to signing 21-year-old Adeiny Hechavarria out of Cuba to a $10 million deal.  This is more than what Boston paid for highly touted Jose Igelsias ($8M) and the difference is the more advanced bat of the Jays prospect.  After seeing Alex S. Gonzalez, Mike Bordick, Chris Woodward, Russ Adams, John McDonald, Royce Clayton, David Eckstein and Marco Scutaro roll through town, it would be nice to see a solution that could last long-term and allow the Jays to put there efforts elsewhere in trying to build a contending club.

Cuban stats are nearly impossible to find and I will post them if they become available.  I will also update when the deal is official.  Hat tip to NY Post.

UPDATE: A source just confirmed El Nuevo Herald that Adeinys Echeverria signed with Toronto for $10 millions and four years.  Thank you to Jorge Ebro, a Cuban baseball expert for the latest.

UPDATE (04/13/10): Blue Jays formally announce signing, term as previously mentioned beginning in 2010.  First name officially revealed as “Adeiny”.


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